Gold divergence currently the highest ever seen.

This is the largest divergence we have ever seen in Gold. But, how long can it last?

UPDATE: Gold appears to be stagnating. Is it about to break?

UPDATE: Divergence now -3700. This is going to be a bloodbath when it breaks.


Divergence continues. Current value is -4000.

3 Responses to “Gold divergence currently the highest ever seen.”

  1. Can you please explain what these charts mean exactly? How to interpret them?

    • Hello Daniel,

      The charts show the actual price of the instrument (actual), the output price of the model (output), and the divergence between the two (diverg). The simple explanation for the data is that positive divergences indicate potential undervalue of the underlying instrument, while a negative divergence indicates potential overvalue of the underlying instrument.

      In addition, certain types of movements within the divergence indicate potential changes to the underlying instrument’s trend, such as a large spike in divergence indicating an impending spike in the price of the underlying instrument. These types of movement are generally only usable using our console in realtime.

  2. Great, I will track this site to learn more!

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