User interface updates, bugfixes, and documentation updates.

Numerous changes to styling and layout have been made across the system.

Bugs so far identified have been resolved, and we have also updated the usage documentation. We are very pleased with the new layout and hope you are as well. Contact us on the BBS, blog, or email and let us know what you think.

The following are notable changes to the user interface:

  • Simplified charting and console components.
  • Separate charting application: Charts are now for a single model only, opened in a new window. They are fit for two per screen, providing larger charts while retaining full time perspective.
  • Fixed axis charting: This has eliminated any ambiguity in output versus actual price. This also eliminates the extra yaxis tick labels, freeing up space for the chart.
  • Interactive charts: Clicking on a plot will display the selected time and value of the plot.
  • Bookmarkable charts: Chart configuration details are located in the URL. Charts can also be shared amongst members and reloaded at will. Fresh data will be provided when loaded.
  • Information additions: Model training date and performance are displayed.
  • Console simplification: The console now consists solely of the model selection, BBS, and account management components.

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