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The last month has been very interesting in the BTC markets. Just recently off the highs, BTC has become volatile once again. This month’s most noteworthy action was the large lead state carried by the BTC ratio models. Gold/BTC ratio hrs –   Early this morning, a large adaptation, followed by another large spike.

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Software Release

We have released a MtGox Websocket client library and placed it in the public domain. The client is written in Javascript for HTML5 browsers and released with the MIT license. The client is available at GitHub, using the below link.

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Long Time No See

Several months have passed since our last blog posts. As our modeling and data platforms are quite stable at this point, we’ve decided to move on to developing trading tools. Over the last few months, we have developed a framework and codebase suitable for the generic application of automated trading. One of the first applications […]

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