Our Purpose



In the age of ZIRP, fundamental relationships within the marketplace are suffering increased distortion and breakdown. With current factors such as global crises, government and central bank intervention, various disinflationary forces, and geopolitical uncertainty, unprepared market participants are left at a severe disadvantage.


We began in late 2010 as a research project into the practicality of modelling diverse securities in a period of high volatility, high intervention, and crumbling fundamentals. We needed models fit for human consumption, yet fully capable of identiying outliers, interday and intraday opportunities, as well as providing a picture of overall market conditions.

In late 2011, leveraging our proprietary advancements, we developed a high performance, accurate, sector agnostic quantitative pricing and market analysis platform. Early in 2012, we had developed a high performance data delivery network and decided to proceed with a commercial product. By late 2012, we began commercial operations with a number of highly successful models operating across diverse markets.


  • We provide instant, intelligent, human readable, crossmarket analysis models.
  • We are deployed across a range of markets from Forex, Equity, Commodities, to Sovereign Debt.
  • We are available to professional and retail market participants worldwide using a web browser or via our JSON/Websocket API.
  • Our development process and high degree of flexibility allow us to adapt easily to ever changing market conditions.
  • We provide answers for many otherwise unintelligible market actions, before they occur.

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